•   $0.00 per hour Training hours (Hours to be determined by scope of services)

  • $17.00 - $25.00 hourly rate range (depending on service/skill requirements.)

  • Project contract rate terms are negotiable.

I will consider a “training” time-frame that provides you “free” hours toward training and on-boarding my support. This will provide you the best in class productive services for your investment.

Although you may feel an hourly rate is more than you would pay a permanent employee position for the same work, the benefits of an Independent Contractor relationship provides you, the business owner, absolute control over expenses and contract length needs. If you hire a permanent employee, especially in those areas of short-term or un-known needs, your costs are greater requiring benefits, office space, equipment and all the payments and contributions required for Social Security, Medicare taxes, state unemployment compensation insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

My services allow you to pay for these needs as strictly a “business service expense” line item. I take care of the tax needs on my behalf and you don’t incur the payroll expense.

As an added benefit, my skills, experience and services can support your short-term needs, and also assist you in hiring the right candidate if the need should transition to a permanent resource.

A service contract agreement will be provided outlining the plan and to ensure the integrity and protection of any confidential or proprietary information requirements.

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