Previous Manager - Kwikee, an SGSCO company, Peoria Illinois VP of Operations

Jeanne is an effective leader who was often called on to help manage major client, product, and service initiatives that impact multiple departments throughout the company. Jeanne has the ability to quickly learn and apply technical information, and her experience allows her to provide creative solutions to solve problems. Her methodical, hands-on approach results in well-outlined plans to address critical product or service issues.

Rachel McMenimen

Previous Colleague - Marquette Group now Mindstream Media, Peoria, Illinois VP of Human Resources

I had the pleasure of working with Jeanne for many years. She is an excellent communicator, very organized and a professional leader. I have always been impressed with her ability to balance the needs of the company, client and employees. She is very energetic, enjoys solving problems and has a good work ethic. Jeanne will be a success at whatever she decides to do in life.

Cathy Worlow

Previous Vendor partner - Doncar Systems, Winnipeg, Manitoba Manager, Application Delivery

I worked with Jeanne during a system conversion/integration project. She is well organized, understands the yellow page industry extremely well and was a pleasure to work with on this project. It lasted over 2 years and with Jeanne’s help was able to bring the project in under budget and 6 months earlier than expected. I would highly recommend Jeanne as we would not have been able to pull off this project without her involvement. She helped remove road blocks to keep the project moving and coordinated the effort of her staff to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Chris Liba

Previous Colleague - Marquette Group now Mindstream Media, Peoria, Illinois Director of Interactive Services

Jeanne is no ordinary Operations Director. In the time I worked with her at Marquette she demonstrated excellent leadership, exuding confidence in her actions no matter how difficult the task and always remembering the team she was managing. Jeanne always offered encouragement and support where needed and was never afraid of change. This was particularly evident as we worked closely together to move the business from a traditional print base to a more demanding online business. Her understanding of systems and process enabled us to build a strong foundation to launch new products and services while maintaining a standard of customer service and employee engagement. Jeanne’s key role was always to ensure her internal and external customers were satisfied and whenever possible that customer expectations were exceeded. She played a major role in large-scale systems integrations over a period of many years, dealing with industry stalwarts and always pushing for progress and accountability in everything she pursued. Jeanne is particularly skillful in determining service and contractual policies and has the ability to look at situations from all sides of the fence, ensuring business success without compromising customer service. Jeanne was equally at home whether running a motivational training session for her team or spending time analyzing profitability and customer satisfaction reports. She would use this knowledge to find new ways to streamline the business, improve efficiencies and increase profitability. She is a total professional, able work with all different types of managers and people and predicts their needs. She at all times exhibited a standard of accountability and delivery within the business and could always be relied on for objective counsel. Jeanne would be an asset to any company, particularly one whose focus is market excellence and customer and employee satisfaction.

Joanna Litchfield

Previous Team Leader - Marquette Group now Mindstream Media, Peoria, Illinois Graphics Team Leader

Jeanne is a professional leader and sets a great example for teamwork and collaboration. She empowers her team to perform well which allow them to demonstrate initiative and accountability. Jeanne has the ability to see the big picture, think outside the box, develop solutions, and reach smaller goals as a stepping-stone to accomplish a larger one. It is a great pleasure to work with Jeanne.

Sue Runyon

Previous Team Leader - Marquette Group now Mindstream Media, Peoria, Illinois Team Leader

Jeanne Reddish has always been an effective leader by providing constructive feedback, offering suggestions when situations may arise, and supporting her employees with decisions that need to be made and collaborating with other departments to achieve desired results. She has worked with me for years even when she was not my immediate supervisor to assist in my growth within the organization again by providing constructive and timely feedback which resulted in several promotions in my own career. She has an abundance of knowledge regarding the strategic direction of the organization and strives to achieve positive results. She is a great mentor and coach and has developed strong leaders within our organization. Jeanne empowers her employees to provide solutions independently and provides suggestions when necessary. She communicates effectively by listening and actively encourages others to participate as well. Personally, she has always encouraged me to re-evaluate and collaborate effectively with other departments to ensure that the client is receiving superior customer service. Jeanne is always willing to evaluate a situation objectively and determine the best fit for all parties involved. I appreciate all the experience and knowledge that Jeanne has provided me with throughout the years and hope to share my understanding of leadership to the best of my ability with others, as she has done for me.

Sandra Haynes